Devoted exclusively to family law.
Vanessa Eberle

Words cannot express the amazing experience I have had working with Christian Curtis. His professionalism, work ethic, and compassion have always exceeded my expectations. I am eternally grateful for his continued diligence and dedication in representing both me and the rights of my child. I can confidently recommend Chris because he is an amazing attorney and a remarkable human being.

Jung Kim

I have the most wonderful experience with a lawyer who became also a friend. Chris handled my divorce case which lasted 15 years altogether. In 2001, he took care of the 'Separation' part, and then the 'Divorce Filing' in 2016. Although I had moved out of Virginia in 2003, he would still remember me and did a thorough follow up on my case. This is a very unique and rewarding experience as a consumer to make good trustworthy friendship with a lawyer who puts up himself as a pal versus a professional. I thank you dearly so much Chris!

R Bankhead

Christian Curtis tailors his advice and his services to your case. When he became my attorney he gave me advice that was different than what I had been told by other attorneys, but he fully explained why it was different. It ended up that the core issues were presented to the Judge, without wasting focus on matters that would distract from my case. This was invaluable, not only did we prevail in court, but costs were minimized due to his ability to focus on the core issues. Before we would appear in court other attorneys would come up to Chris and tell him they had heard about his courtroom style and were hoping to get a chance to see him in action. Chris is a unique attorney who truly cares about his clients and their families. You will be well served if you select him as your attorney.

G Noakes

If you want an "attack dog" lawyer to handle your divorce, Chris Curtis is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want an attorney who will protect your interests, use his expertise and experience to guide you through the process of divorce, and work ethically and responsibly for an optimum outcome for everyone involved, then I highly recommend him. I appreciated his ability to foresee developments and to lay out my options and their implications with clarity. Above all, though, I appreciated the respect he accorded me, the confident attitude he brought to my case, and the attention he devoted to the specifics of my individual situation.