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Protecting Your Retirement Funds During Divorce

Divorce is one of the most emotionally draining legal matters families face. In addition to the emotional complications that accompany the end of a marriage, it is also important to understand and address the tax consequences of dividing retirement funds.

Protect Your Retirement Funds

If you are getting divorced in Alexandria, contact Christian Curtis, LLC who can protect your rights throughout the process.

Receiving Your Fair Share

Many people think that if property or accounts are in the other spouse's name, then they have no rights to it. That is not correct. Unless the property is addressed in a prenuptial agreement, it is usually considered marital property. For example, even though your retirement account may only be in your spouse's name, it will still be divided during the divorce.

During a divorce, there are several ways to divide property. One spouse may be offered the house in exchange for the full retirement funds. When I work with clients, I help them understand tax implications of dividing a 401k or IRA account.

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Is your retirement safe from your divorce?

I am committed to protecting my clients' funds throughout their divorce, and I can help you maintain your financial security when your marriage is over. To learn more about the impact divorce can have on retirement funds, schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer. I can be reached by calling 703-879-7729 or online.