What are the easiest ways for parents to pay child support?


In the majority of divorces in Virginia with minor children, it is the kids who are most affected by the changes in living situation. Although parents can look forward and have some sense of what their new lives will be like after divorce, many children may initially be unable to do so. For its part, a court can assure them that they will continue to live with one parent and be financially supported by the other. In some cases, the court may award physical custody to one parent and then require regular child support payments from the other.

What happens once a court has assigned physical custody? The noncustodial parent is typically ordered to pay regular child support on a schedule determined to best meet the child's needs.

How can the supporting parent meet his or her child support obligation? Responsible parents can make payments in several different ways. The most traditional method, one that many parents still prefer, is sending a money order or a check in the required amount directly to the state's Division of Child Support Enforcement.

Are there other ways to make payments? Yes. Three are of particular note. Virginia's MyChildSupport website allows online child support payments to be made free of charge. A supporting parent can also make payments support through an online banking account that utilizes Checkfree. Parent can work through this service to set specific amounts for regular payments.

The supporting parent can also make child-support payments through the ExpertPay website. For many parents who live out of state but must pay child support in Virginia, this may be a particularly attractive option.

Source: Virginia.gov, "Child Support Payment Options for Non-Custodial Parents," Accessed on March 25, 2015

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