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Last week we discussed domestic violence and how it affects men more often than many think. Regardless of your gender, domestic abuse can be terrifying and threatening to your future. You may fear not only for your own well-being but for the health and safety of your children. The good news is you do not have to face this issue alone. By being proactive and speaking to a lawyer about your options, you may ensure the safety you and your children deserve.

In many instances, those subjected to physical abuse are best served by a protective order. There are three types of protective orders. First, you can seek an emergency protective order, which will last for three days. Second, you can file for a preliminary protective order, which will last about two weeks, depending on when a hearing on the order is set. Third, a full-blown protective order can be sought and, if granted, last for up to two years.

Obtaining a protective order requires strong legal argument. A judge must be convinced the issuance of an order is necessary to ensure the protection of the filer. The filer must satisfactorily show the order is needed because he or she is the victim of an act of violence, force or threat that causes bodily injury, or that he or she is placed in a position where he or she is fearful for his or her life, that bodily injury may occur, or that sexual assault may take place.

Facing someone who has caused you harm and fear can be difficult. An experienced legal team, such as Christian Curtis LLC, can stand by your side throughout the process. Our firm takes pride in helping victims of domestic abuse, and will diligently fight to ensure that they feel safe in their everyday lives.

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