Virginia woman suffers injury in domestic violence incident


Domestic violence is a common occurrence in Virginia and throughout the country, for that matter. With circumstances involving violence among domestic partners and family members, authorities are left to make a judgment call. Because disagreements sometimes escalate and alleged victims can sometimes recant their claims, authorities frequently leave homes without charging the accused or simply do not respond to domestic violencecalls.

As they say, however, where there is smoke there is often fire. In late August, officers responded to a call when a Virginia woman reported a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, the woman told officers that she and her partner had gotten into an argument when he purportedly threw something at her. The object struck her in the nose, causing undisclosed injuries.

The Virginia male who allegedly attacked the woman did not cooperate with the officers, according to reports. They initially requested that he come out of the bedroom, and, they put him in cuffs when he did not comply. He was later taken into police custody and charged with misdemeanor domestic assault, and the woman was taken into a Virginia hospital.

A case such as this is oftentimes not merely an isolated incident. If an argument escalates to the level of domestic violence, there is a good chance it can happen again. There are steps that victims of such incidents can take, such as applying for a protective order. Hopefully the Virginia woman in this instance does not have severe damage to her nose, but, after dealing with the physical and emotional distress, she may want to consider seeking professional and legal help to escape what appears to be an unhealthy relationship.

Source: Mesabi Daily News, Virginia police respond to calls, No author, Sept. 6, 2013

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