Virginia residents invited to attend domestic violence forum


Domestic violence is a prominent issue that can often be difficult to deal with. Spouses or family members may feel trapped by the assailant. Perhaps they have even grown content with their situation, viewing the pain inflicted on them as a necessary evil to endure in order to make their domestic partnership work. One Virginia locale has taken notice to the need for support, and is hosting a regional event to raise awareness and help Virginia residents cope with domestic violence.

The domestic violence forum is set to take place this week. A Virginia councilman, who also leads his local domestic violence task force, joined forces with city officials, law enforcement officers and social workers to tackle the issue. The primary goal is to make victims aware of the resources available, such as counseling, legal protection, and more.

The keynote speaker for the event, John Turnipseed, is a former gang member who struggled with domestic violence issues, but moved on to become a successful filmmaker. Turnipseed travels the country telling his story in hopes of offering victims suggestions of where to find help. The aforementioned law enforcement officers, in addition to commonwealth attorneys, will be available for discussion.

Events like this are pivotal to the fight against domestic violence because oftentimes victims feel like they are alone. When a people from a variety of backgrounds, including some who have struggled on both sides of domestic violence, can join in an objective public forum to attack the issue, all parties benefit. Most importantly, it just goes to show that Virginia residents dealing with domestic violence at home to have a variety of supportive means at their disposal when seeking help. One method they may have to help themselves is by seeking a protective order against their partner, something that can help if they decide to file for divorce and move out of the abusive situation.

Source:, Public invited to domestic violence forum in Roanoke, Tiffany Holland, Sept. 15, 2013

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