Virginia domestic violence suspect violates protective order


The initiative to increase awareness of domestic violence has been gradually expanding. With October officially being observed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the hope is that victims will be increasingly empowered to seek help if in an unscrupulous situation. One Virginia man is finding out that authorities have zero tolerance for domestic violence, and the search will not end until he is taken into their custody.

When a female victim called police officers at 9:30 a.m., they quickly responded to what is believed to have been a breaking and entering. The woman identified the suspect as a man she knew, who was on protective order not to contact her, as the suspect. The police also came across a firearm that is believed to have been owned by Anderson.

The 33-year-old man was not captured at the scene of the alleged crime, despite the fact that several people were spotted exiting the home. Officers immediately redirected their search to the suspect's home, and one police officer believes to have seen him near the back of the residence. A slew of officers, including some reinforcements, waited for a warrant to be issued while posting outside of the Virginia home.

Once the Staunton police received permission to access the home, a canine went in, but only found another man sleeping. After calling in the Critical Incident Response Team and thoroughly searching the home, the search was called off. They were able to contact the suspect via telephone, but he swore he was not at home.

As of late afternoon, authorities were still searching for the subject. There are, however, three warrants pending; and with charges of breaking and entering, trespassing and felony violation of protective order, they will certainly not give up easy. The fact that the purported victim had an existing protective order in place likely made it easier for authorities to pursue the suspect in this case and can help as the woman tries to move forward with her life free from the threat of domestic violence.

Source:, Staunton police seek suspect, Brad Zinn, Oct. 15, 2013

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