Virginia couple fights for custody of grandchild


Child custody cases are not necessarily black and white. There can often be grey areas where custody battles take place outside of the mother and father. Unfortunately, regardless of the circumstances, these cases often have detrimental effects on an innocent child. In a recent case, a 4-year-old girl has been in state custody since the death of her mother, who was allegedly murdered by her father. The father, now in custody, is the son of famed Red Sox announcer and former MLB player Jerry Remy.

The girl's grandparents object to state custody for their granddaughter. They do not believe the state should dictate what is to occur. The couple just returned home from Virginia after petitioning for the custodial rights for their granddaughter.

The mother, a Boston transplant originally from Virginia, was killed on Aug. 15, leading to her daughter being placed in state custody. The 4-year-old girl has been through an extremely traumatic situation, given the loss of her mother and incarceration of her father. The grandparents intend to demonstrate that the girl will find support and comfort in their care.

In many cases like these, children are placed in foster care, often jeopardizing the probability of family visitation. The grandparents hope to be awarded custody, and it is certainly within the best interests of the child that this issue be decided soon. Courts in Virginia and elsewhere typically resolve these child custody disputes by seeking to determine the best interests of the child. As this complex case moves forward, the grandparents will undoubtedly have the opportunity to convince a Massachusetts court that they are the best choice for protecting the child's well-being and offering her the support and nurture that she deserves.

Source: Boston Herald, Jennifer Martel"s parents ready to fight for young Arianna,, 8/28/13

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