Virginia Beach domestic violence victim has her day in court


With citizens throughout the nation understandably focused on the terror breast cancer unleashes on its victims, given that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the fact that it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month is sometimes overlooked. Although the decimation is perhaps not as evident, such violence has a cumulative effect on the many women that fall victim, those with which they share their home, and, in many cases, the community. On Oct. 25, 2013, a Virginia Beach man was found guilty of domestic violence.

The man in question was accused of unlawful wounding, abduction and the assault and battery of a family member. It is difficult to imagine that someone can repeatedly inflict bodily harm on someone whom they supposedly love, but this is apparently the case here. The 25-year-old defendant also has a criminal history littered with a plethora of convictions that include grand larceny and conspiracy, among others.

According to the case, the man physically assaulted his girlfriend at their rental property over a three day period in late-March of this year. The victim suffered injuries such as a fracture to her orbital wall, memory loss, bruising to various parts of her body and having her hair pulled. Her family and an emergency response team took her to the hospital on two separate occasions.

Along with the evident brutalization inflicted by the man and the lingering physical effects, there is the likelihood that the victim will have to manage through the emotional issues that are typical in these cases. She did gain at least some closure. Meanwhile, the Virginia Beach woman can choose seek restitution for medical expenses and the pain and suffering that she still likely endures due to this apparently gut-wrenching case of domestic violence.

Source:, Man convicted of third domestic assault, Rachel West, Oct. 25, 2013

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