Tips for co-parenting after a Virginia custody battle


For many Virginia parents, the timeframe immediately following their divorce can be a challenging period in their lives. Just as the dust settles from their divorce and child custody negotiations, it becomes necessary to merge into their new roles as co-parents. For former spouses who went through a particularly bitter custody fight, this transition can be difficult to manage.

All parents know that it is important to establish a positive relationship with their former spouse, for the sake of the children. This concept is well-documented in a large body of research, and is something that parents intuitively understand to be true. However, often the concepts that seem so obvious in theory are incredibly difficult to implement in practice, and many parents struggle with their new roles in the lives of their children after divorce.

One approach that may help involves separating one's own feelings about their former spouse from the equation. The behaviors that led to the end of a marriage usually have nothing to do with each parent's role in the lives of shared children. Allowing one's ex to move forward in their new parenting role is important, and can make the transition easier for everyone involved.

While most parents will go through an adjustment period following divorce, issues surrounding child custody should be smoothed out as quickly as possible. In some cases, cooperative parenting is simply not possible, no matter how hard one party tries to put the best interests of the children at the forefront. In such cases, it may be necessary to approach a Virginia court to ask for a custody modification.

Source:, "Successful co-parenting amid strain of divorce," Tacoma Perry, June 24, 2013

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