Terrence Howard in the middle of his "empire" division


Residents of Alexandria, Virginia, who are going through a divorce proceeding can probably empathize with others who are going through the same thing. In a lot of cases, the financial matters surrounding a divorce can become just as important or even more traumatizing than the emotional turmoil that the couple may experience due to the divorce.

A couple that owns a significant amount of assets often struggles more in court with matters relating to property division. For example, Terrence Howard, the star of the hit TV show "Empire," is currently going through a divorce. For a long time, Howard's attorneys have been trying to get his previous divorce settlement amended. The actor claims that the previous divorce settlement was obtained by his ex-wife after blackmailing the actor. The settlement has a lot of clauses, including property division and alimony that the ex-wife has been receiving. Needless to say, the ex-wife and her lawyers are denying any such claims that Howard and his attorneys made.

The actor's attorneys have also produced evidence in the form of an alleged video in which the ex-wife was threatening to release some personal information publicly. Howard was also expected to come for a hearing in front of the family court judge as part of the case.

Property division can be a complicated matter for many people. Most judges would agree that joint marital property is a subject to being divided equitably. However, proving whether or not a property is a joint property or a property owned by only one of the spouses before the marriage can be difficult. Prenuptial agreements can help couples keep their finances in order.

Source: USA Today, "Howard due back in court for divorce hearing," Aug. 13, 2015

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