Super Bowl set to showcase unique NFL domestic violence campaign


Violence against domestic partners in the home has long been a serious problem throughout the country, including Virginia, but recent high-profile cases such as National Football League player Ray Rice's assault on his fiancée have given the problem a much higher profile. Police agencies and prosecutors across the country seem to have renewed vigor in apprehending and prosecuting perpetrators of domestic violence. Even some large corporations are helping to elevate public consciousness. To that end, new advertisements are coming that could educate the public about the causes and consequences of domestic violence.

For this year's Super Bowl, the NFL will introduce an ad with the tagline "When it's hard to talk, it's up to us to listen." The 60-second ad visually recreates the scene of a violent act using a real emergency phone call. The ad begins with a woman ordering a pizza on a 911 call line. The person receiving the call tells the woman that she has called 911 and then realizes the call is the woman's way of asking for help.

The ad never shows the individuals who are speaking, but portrays a scene of conflict that includes the smashed framed photo of a woman. The advertisement aims to bring NFL's "No More" campaign to the forefront and stop cases of domestic violence. The NFL not only donated time for the ad, but also paid for its production.

This advertisement is just one part of what is likely to be a long-running campaign against domestic violence. The NFL is still reeling from Ray Rice's domestic assault on his fiancée, who has since become his wife. The league's commissioner originally suspended Rice for just two games and was roundly criticized for not issuing a tougher punishment. Although the league later suspended Rice indefinitely, the running back won his appeal and could soon play football again.

Source: Business Insider, "The NFL Will Run An Unsettling Domestic Violence Ad Based On A Real 911 Call During The Super Bowl," Lara O' Reilley, Jan. 27, 2015

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