Shelton-Lambert high asset divorce catches the attention of many


Some divorce cases are fraught with conflict, which can result in emotional trauma as well as financial duress. The divorce case of a couple who has amassed great wealth, either together or individually, has the potential to be a long, drawn-out, emotional proceeding. Wealthy spouses sometimes have teams of attorneys and support staff who catalog and assess the couple's assets, which are typically diversified as cash, stocks, bonds and real estate, where some or all of which will be part of property division.

However, recently a very high-profile couple with high assets announced their divorce was final in record time. After being married for more than four years, Miranda Lambert and fellow country music star and ex-husband, Blake Shelton made their split legal within hours. Many legal experts now are dissecting this high asset divorce not only for the vast amount of wealth the country stars shared, but also because of the quickness of the legal procedure which was aided by prenuptial agreements.

The couple shared Shelton's 1,200-acre ranch and house during the course of their marriage, but that was returned to him after the divorce because he owned it before the wedding. Lambert moved out and announced the couple is still working on dividing custody of their many pets and ranch animals, including cats, dogs, chickens, pot-bellied pigs and horses.

Even though the famous musical couple had a long premarital relationship followed by a four-year marriage, the couple's time together was engulfed by rumors of infidelity immediately preceding their divorce. In most celebrity marriages, where the couples are not only famous but also very rich individually or together, a prenuptial agreement can often speed up a high asset divorce, thus making the settlement more amicable. This appears to be true in the case of Lambert and Shelton.

Source: U.S. Magazine, "Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert divorce: who gets which homes, pets in split?" Esther Lee, July 21, 2015

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