Sheen's approach to child support payments could prove valuable


Believe it or not, Alexandria residents may be able to take a page out of the proverbial book of actor Charlie Sheen. The 48-year-old actor recently decided to revisit the child support agreement he had with his ex-wife given that she has not maintained full custody of their twin boys. It is just one recent example of the fact that child support payments are not necessarily set in stone.

Sheen's other former spouse, actress Denise Richards, currently has temporary custody of the 4-year-old boys. Brooke Mueller, the biological mother and ex-wife of Sheen, has been struggling with addiction issues that led to the change in custody. Her apparent issues that came to light after a drug overdose and consequent involuntary psychiatric hold caused concern among authorities as to whether or not she was able to care for her children.

To say that Brooke is thrilled with the decision to trim the child support payments by over half, from $55,000 to $25,000 to be exact, would not be completely truthful. She has, however, been careful not to complain given her own aforementioned highly-publicized tribulations. It seems that she has been doing well as of late, according to child protective services.

The two came to an agreement without going to court. An unnamed source says that Brooke understood the possibility that she would not receive any child support payments had they met in family court, and added that Charlie did not want to "kick Brook when she was down." Whether in Alexandria or another part of the country, ex-spouses can, at times, come to a mutually beneficial agreement to modify child support payments if circumstances warrant.

Source: Radar Online, Charlie Sheen's Child Support Payments To Brooke Mueller Slashed In Half, Jen Heger, Sept. 17, 2013

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