The right guidance for filing child support claims in Virginia


Many Virginia residents may agree that a couple with children that is pursuing a divorce is often faced with additional complications. In many cases, the children are the most affected in the situation. It can be very traumatic for the children to witness their parents fighting and also their potential subsequent separation. Regardless of who gets the custody of the children, the children have their own set of financial needs regarding education and health care, and that financial support is absolutely necessary. Child support is usually paid until the child turns 19 or completes high school.

The child support amount is determined by the court after the court considers the income of the parents, the health coverage needs of the child and the approximate expenses that are needed for the child's education. When making a decision on the child support, the court considers the best interest of the child before anything else. Most often, the non-custodial parent is ordered to pay child support and if the parent does not pay on time, it is considered a legal offense and the offender will face serious consequences. However, if there's a legitimate reason that the parent did not pay on time, that parent can seek a modification in the child support order.

To apply for the child support modification, the parent can get in touch with the Virginia Department of Social Services or contact a local child support office. It is also not necessary to involve the court in all child support cases. The same order can also be issued by the Department of Social Services. In that case, it will probably take less time to resolve. However, while applying for child support, the person should make sure to have the necessary documents. It is important to understand that, if the divorce is not filed with the court, the application may not be processed by the Department of Social Services.

Our law firm is experienced at handling child support issues, and we provide our clients the service necessary to seek a fair outcome in their cases. We also protect the rights of our clients at all times.

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