Property division in Virginia can be approached positively


After having been married for several years, facing the reality of an impending divorce may make an individual feel disappointed and distraught. A person may easily be overcome by such emotions that he or she becomes distracted from tackling important areas like property division and child support during a divorce proceeding in Virginia. Although divorce initially may feel traumatic, a few tips will enable a person to stay healthy during and after the process.

Nearly 40 percent of marriages result in divorce, experts say. Divorce can lead to feelings of depression and isolation because along with divorce often comes events such as transitioning to becoming a single parent or having to move to a new home. It is helpful for a divorcing individual to find comfort in a support group of friends and family in order to remain emotionally healthy.

It is also wise to get plenty of rest and to eat healthy foods, as the healthier a parent is the more able he or she is to take care of the children. Taking time to see the funny side of even serious situations can also help a person to approach life more optimistically. Taking care of oneself emotionally and physically can allow the person to finally embrace freedom from a previous marriage.

In many divorce situations, people may feel powerless. However, thinking positively and being willing to work with one's spouse can actually help the person to feel more in control. For instance, negotiating property division or the splitting of assets on one's own terms with a spouse will keep the judge from having to make a decision that could displease one or both of the divorcing individuals, thus facilitating a more favorable settlement in Virginia.

Source: The Huffington Post, 3 Ways To Stay Healthy During Divorce, Barbara Greenberg, Dec. 23, 2013

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