More professional athletes supporting domestic violence prevention efforts


Fortunately, more people are working proactively to address this epidemic, forming organizations to raise awareness and affect real change.

One such organization is A Call to Men, a group formed back in 2002 that "believes that preventing domestic and sexual violence is primarily the responsibility of men."

The group is currently holding a series of seminars across the country designed to educate coaches on all levels about the role they can play in stopping domestic violence. In particular, speakers at these seminars stress that an increase in sensitivity levels among men -- whether being more cognizant about the language they use in casual conversation holding peers accountable for their actions or recognizing certain warning signs -- can go a long way.

A Call to Men is holding these seminars designed specifically for coaches because they are in the unique position of a being able to introduce positive change in the minds of their young players who otherwise look to them for leadership and guidance.

Interestingly, the initiative is attracting the support of many sporting industry professionals, including broadcasters and players.

For example, Chris Canty, a 30-year-old star defensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, recently spoke at one of the events, saying he was motivated by his own experiences.

"It's definitely something that hits home with me," he said. "It's an issue facing a lot of households in America that we need to address. We need to communicate to young people about healthy relationships and dispel a lot of social norms."

Whether you are a victim of domestic abuse seeking the maximum protection under the law or believe that you have been unfairly accused of domestic violence, consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.

Source: USA Today, "More NFL players should follow Chris Canty's lead against domestic violence," Jarrett Bell, April 16, 2013

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