More child support payments coming from women


The purpose of child support in Virginia is to provide monetary care for a child following a divorce or the breakup of a relationship. Men, in the past, often were the ones ordered to make these monthly payments. However, an increasing number of child support paymentsare coming from women’s wallets.

As more women break the glass ceiling and claim higher salaries today, more of these women will also be on the hook for child support. This is because when a judge determines who has to pay child support, the chief factor he or she considers is the financial status of both parents. If the parent who ended up watching the kids at home rather than working outside of the home gets primary physical custody, he or she likely will be entitled to child support.

More men today are assuming the role of stay-at-home parent, thus breaking down traditional gender stereotypes. As a result, men in many cases are no longer the primary earners of income in their families. A greater number of dads are entitled to receive child support payments.

A child support determination in court typically involves the use of a statutory formula based on the incomes of both the mother and father. If possible, a couple in Virginia can try to reach a deal outside of court regarding child support payments. It is each party's right to strive to protect their best interests while pushing for a reasonable payment that meets the child's needs in our state.

Source:, "More women paying child support, spousal support", Myra Fleischer, May 27, 2014

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