Men can also be affected by domestic violence


Domestic violence is far too common in our society and, sadly, talked about too little. And when domestic violence is addressed, it is often in the context of a man abusing a woman. While these types of situations do play out quite often, other, lesser though of types ofdomestic abuse often occur frequently. In particular, domestic violence against men is not though of very often, perhaps due to society's stereotypes regarding masculinity. However, this type of abuse does happen, and those who are subjected to it should do what they can to find protection.

The first way to do this is to determine if domestic abuse is actually happening. Signs of domestic abuse can vary, but there are some signs that may point to abuse or violence. For example, if a man is constantly called names or is insulted, is prevented from going places, is threatened with use of force, is physically struck, and/or is blamed for the perpetrator's violent outburst, then domestic violence may be occurring. Similarly, those men who are in homosexual relationships may be threatened with the possibility of having their sexual orientation disclosed to others.

Once it is known that domestic violence is happening, then it is time to take legal action. Victims of domestic abuse may be able to obtain a protective order, which will disallow the perpetrator from having contact with the victim. Those who violate a protective order can be subject to harsh legal penalties.

Acquiring a protective order can be difficult and scary. Not only does one have to confront the legal realities of acquiring the order, but he also has to stand up to his abuser. As scary as it may seem though, he does not have to go through the process alone. Family and friends can help support him emotionally, and an experienced attorney can help him find the legal relief he needs to feel safe.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Domestic violence against men: Know the signs," accessed on Oct. 25, 2015

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