Marc Anthony debating child support payments


Sometimes people who have a baby together later decide that they do not want to stay together. They certainly have the right to part ways and move on with their individual lives, but they still must share the responsibility for their child. The person who is awarded primary custody may feel that he or she deserves a certain amount of child support, but the other individual might not agree. A judge will ultimately determine the child support payments that are most appropriate in such a case in Virginia.

In a recent out-of-state case, a high-profile entertainer is in a child support battle. Marc Anthony, a singer and record producer, is against having his child support payments increased to $113,000 per month. The mother of his kids, Dayanara Torres, receives $13,000 monthly in child support payments right now.

Anthony fears that the extra money will end up causing his kids to be spoiled. A psychologist he hired said these kids could even be at risk for engaging in illegal drug or alcohol use. Meanwhile, Torres would like the extra money so that she can maintain a higher standard of living, including having her own cook and nanny, according to Anthony.

The court will reach a final decision regarding child support payments if the two parents cannot come to an agreement on the matter. Once it is decided which parent will have primary custody of the children, the noncustodial parent will be told what to pay in order to financially support his or her children each month. In the event that a Virginia parent believes that the amount should be adjusted, he or she may be able to petition the court for a modification in payments.

Source:, Marc Anthony -- More Child Support Could Make My Kids Druggies, No author, March 8, 2014

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