Man who violated protective order gets 85 years


When a relationship ends, both parties are usually content to go their separate ways and begin again. Sometimes, however, one of the individuals does not deal with a break up well and things may get so out of hand, that the other party winds up filing for aprotective order. One ex-wife, who resided in a state neighboring Virginia, actually filed for three such orders to seek safety for herself and her children.

The ex-husband in question has recently been sentenced to serve a prison sentence of over 80 years in connection to the threat of harm that his family was exposed to. The wife had sought a protective order in 2011 after she was physically assaulted by her ex-husband. He was accused of trying to choke her with his hands. A judge granted the order and there were no other reported instances of physically abuse against the wife.

However, the man did not stop harassing the woman or her children. Instead of physical confrontations from the man, he apparently found another means of causing his victim harm. This man has been convicted of conducting cyber-stalking of his ex. He set up fake accounts on social network sites that were in his wife's name that were used to try to draw men to her home seeking sex with the victim and her children.

The actions that this husband was convicted of committing were truly terrifying for the victim and her family. This mom did seek a protective order against her ex, and it helped to keep her physically safe. One day, Virginia protective orders may be written up to include such acts as cyber stalking as well. Any person who -- like this woman -- feels that they could be harmed by a current or former partner could also seek out information concerning what options could possibly best protect them and their family

Source: The Washington Post, "Pr. George’s man who stalked ex-wife on Web, advertised sex with her gets 85 years," Trishula Patel, July 17, 2013

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