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Divorce can deal its harshest blows to minor children. As parents battle over various issues, including child and spousal support, and keep their eyes on life after divorce, children often become insecure. They may be anxious about what the future holds for them and wonder with whom they will live and when they will see the other parent. Fortunately, Virginia state law is adept at addressing the needs of all parties and courts are required to sign off any any proposed final visitation and custody arrangement. In reality, with the right visitation plans and child custody arrangements, both parents are usually able to stay involved with their children's lives.

Unfortunately, the standard of meeting children's best interests - the guideline used by courts in making all decisions related to children - is sometimes misunderstood by fighting parents in the period before divorce is final, who may try to get the children on their side or force them to choose one parent or the other. Parents should then ask themselves, "am I fighting over my children?" If yes, they are most likely hurting their kids. Above all, no one should use children as pawns.

Any parent who has concerns about whether the current child custody arrangement is doing his or her children justice should contact an experienced attorney. The attorney can look at several factors, including who is the main caregiver, the children's ages and health, the parents' health and their abilities to take care of their children, their willingness to promote relationships with the other parent and whether there is any history of abuse or domestic violence in the home where the children live.

The attorneys at Christian Curtis, LLC, have decades of experience in family law and understand what meeting children's best interests really means and how parents can achieve that goal.

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