Legal protection for Virginia domestic violence victims


Virginia laws regarding domestic violence are very strict. The victim of domestic abuse has access to several programs and initiatives that the state government has established in order to help the situation and to remove the victim and any children from the abuser and from the abusive situation or home.

The domestic abuse victim, in many cases, may be able to obtain a protective order against the abuser so that the abuser cannot hurt the victim. That sometimes occurs even after the abuser leaves the home and leaves the relationship.

If convicted of domestic abuse, the abuser may face serious prison time. A first-time offender may be charged with a misdemeanor in a case in which it can proved that the accused person actually abused the victim. However, a person who has a history of domestic abuse may be charged with a Class 6 felony, in the event that the abuser has repeated the offense and been convicted within the previous 10 years.

Our law firm has represented clients in cases of domestic abuse in which the victims have been emotionally, psychologically, physically and sexually abused by their intimate partners or spouses. The authorities often get involved in such cases not only to help the victim to escape from the abusive situations, but also to get to a safe place.

Domestic abuse cases, including cases involving guns, can become very dangerous. Abusers who have access to guns can harm the victim not only while they are in the relationship, but also after the victim ends the relationship. Thus, getting the right information about the potential legal options can be crucial not only when the victim is in the process of getting out of a bad relationship, but also in getting protection for the abuse victim and the victim's children and other family members.

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