Legal help for victims of domestic abuse in Alexandria


Sadly, many people in Virginia are victims of domestic violence. Domestic abuse includes any physical attack on a spouse or other family member. It may also refer to emotional, financial, or sexual abuse inflicted on a person by one in a close relationship to the victim, in order to establish more control over the victim. It is important for Virginia residents to understand what domestic abuse is and how to protect themselves from such abusive relationships.

The law in Virginia allows a domestic violence victim to go to court and seek a protective order against the perpetrator. This order prevents the perpetrator from contacting the victim in any way. The victim or anyone else may also call the police and if the responding officers suspect a person of domestic violence, they may immediately arrest that person. After the perpetrator is arrested, the victim may seek an emergency protective order.

However, sometimes it may be difficult for a judge to determine the genuineness of a domestic abuse claim. There have been instances when accusations were falsely made because of a personal vendetta. If the judge finds no substantial evidence to justify a protective order against an accused, the judge may decline to enter the protective order and simply encourage the parties to separate temporarily in order to cool off. For this reason it can be beneficial for a victim to seek the help of an attorney before seeking a protective order. The attorney can present evidence and arguments to help convince the judge to issue the protective order.

Our law firm is experienced in handling domestic violence cases. We understand that every case is unique and deserves to be treated with the utmost care. Victims of domestic violence can suffer from severe emotional trauma and we try our best to help them find safety from their abusers.

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