Legal avenues for resolving domestic violence issues in Virginia


Domestic violence is a serious problem throughout the United States, including in Virginia. Sometimes authorities have trouble pursuing and prosecuting cases because the assertions made by alleged victims are pretexts for settling personal scores.

Christian Curtis, LLC, helps both legitimate victims of domestic violence and victims of bogus domestic violence charges protect their interests through aggressive representation. Our law firm also handles a wide array of family law matters, any of which could easily be affected by domestic violence or allegations of domestic violence.

Nearly anyone can be affected by domestic violence, and it might affect other matters like child custody Therefore, to protect your interests, it is important to think about consulting a domestic violence lawyer if you are a victim or if you have been subjected to a complaint alleging domestic violence. Just as being a victim of domestic violence can dramatically change your life, a false complaint also has serious potential to result in legal and personal consequences.

In domestic violence cases, if the police are called and they find evidence of physical abuse, the accused person may be arrested. Laws in Virginia give police the power to arrest an individual if they find evidence of physical abuse or if the accused person admits to assaulting a victim. After arresting the accused person, an emergency protective order is obtained for the victim and children involved. On the other hand, if the police fail to find evidence of physical abuse, officers will encourage the parties to separate for a cooling-off period. Since every case is unique, it might be help to acquire assistance handling these matters.

Christian Curtis, LLC, approaches every case with fresh eyes because the firm believes that no two cases are alike and every case has unique demands, thus meriting an individual approach. The firm's resources and experience may protect domestic abuse victims to the fullest extent of the law. Likewise, if a person has been wrongly accused and is a victim of a bogus domestic violence complaint, then Christian Curtis, LLC, can fight in an attempt to get the matter resolved fairly.

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