Judge considers best interests of the child in Virginia divorce


Two people have just decided to get a divorce, and if they have children, the future of their kids can sometimes be a major point of contention. The children may feel as though they are standing between their parents, being pulled in two different directions without a positive end in sight. In a divorce situation in Virginia, it is beneficial for both parents to consider the best interests of the child who is caught in the middle.

When divorce feels like an emotional battleground, it may be difficult for an individual to know what important matter to address first. One of the most essential areas to tackle is child custody. The first step in doing this is to create an outline of what he or she thinks is the perfect parenting agreement.

It may make sense to reach out to a parenting coordinator for help if it appears that the two parents will be at odds in this area. It is important to consider what parenting arrangement will work best for the children. Focusing on the parents' schedules is actually more significant than just figuring out who will have custody of the kids.

Following the split-up of two parents, each party usually has the right to some form of custody of their kids. Absent a direct agreement between the parents, a court in Virginia may have to determine which party will receive primary custody, focusing on what is in the best interests of the child as well as the child's wishes. Each party reserves the right to seek child custody and to voice his or her own wishes during a divorce proceeding. With a commitment to cooperate in achieving a fair settlement, most individuals are able to achieve one with a minimum of negativity.

Source: The Charlotte Observer, Resolved to divorce?, Nicole H. Sodoma, Jan. 12, 2014

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