Identifying the symptoms of domestic violence


Virginia residents would agree that there are different forms of domestic violence. The abuse can come in a psychological, sexual or physical form. Even economic abuse can be categorized as a form of domestic violence.

However, a spouse may find it difficult to admit that he or she is a victim of abuse. The person who abuses the partner typically blames others and is very jealous. That person also may humiliate the partner in front of other people. The abuser may resort to violence by shouting or indulging in name-calling. Even non-verbal cues, such as a stern look, may be categorized as a form of domestic violence.

When it comes to money, the perpetrator of domestic violence loves to control the finances. An abuser also often indulges in alcohol, does not pay attention to the partner's feelings and gets angry over issues that seem minor to others. Abusers may even force partners to have sex.

An abuse victim may experience one or many of the signs mentioned above in a relationship. A victim may suddenly get injuries that seemingly do not have any explanation or hide bruises under clothes. The abuse victim may also not be allowed to see friends or have the car keys in his or her control. When it comes to making public appearances, the victim is most often with the partner and may be missing from social events or have a high rate of absenteeism in the workplace.

The abuse victim is very often afraid of the anger of the partner and often follows what the partner says. Very often, the abuse victim becomes depressed and may also be suicidal.

Source: Virginia Department of Social Services, "Learn to recognize the signs of domestic violence," accessed on Oct. 21, 2014

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