How to seek fair property division during a divorce in Virginia


Property division is a critical issue for most divorcing couples in Virginia. Unfortunately, many fail to make an informed decision due to a lack of adequate information. To make sure that there is a fair property division after a divorce, it is important for couples to keep track of each and every asset and liability they possess.

Our firm, Christian Curtis, LLC, has become known in this area of law by successfully settling complex property division cases over the years. Our experienced and knowledgeable divorce and financial expert attorneys have resolved many divorce cases and ensured a fair and accurate property division.

Once someone prepares a detailed list of their assets, investments, real-estate property, bank accounts, debts and pension or retirement account, their next step should be to make a note of the date each property was acquired. Also, it is important to determine the current value and the value of the item or asset when it was acquired. Information and guidelines from a legal representative will help someone gather all important documents so that they do not stumble across any complex situations.

Our lawyers have helped many divorcing couples determine the highest possible value of their marital property and offered guidance regarding the steps that need to be taken in order to distribute that property in two equitable ways. Our firm works with our clients to keep our findings transparent in order to develop trust with the opposing party if warranted. Reliable and trustworthy information always turns out to be beneficial during the negotiation process.

If need be, our lawyers also receive help from financial experts for complex valuation of the property. In addition, our firm has been helping clients save money by settling theirproperty division cases out of court. For more information, visit our property division section.

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