Getting the right child custody information in Virginia


Divorce is an unfortunate reality that many Americans have to deal with, including many couples in Virginia. Statistics reveal that divorce is on the rise in many states throughout the nation, and Virginia is no exception. But, for those couples with children, it is important to remember that a child needs both parents and, in theĀ best interest of the child, it is better if a child gets the company of both parents even after a divorce.

A court will keep the best interest of the child in mind when it hands down child custody rulings. However, when parents fight, they often forget the child in question and it is sometimes difficult for parents to see what is right. When parents fight the impact on the child can be devastating. The parent who better understands the child's pain will probably get child custody.

Our firm knows that there are several factors governing a child's best interest, including a child's health, age and any other special interest. Who is the child's primary caregiver? Are the parents healthy? Which parent is able to perceive the child's best interest? Are the parents willing to let the child mix with the extended family? Our firm has extensive experience in family law and we can help our clients understand the best interests of the child and help divorcing couples come to an agreement on child custody.

Our firm knows that if a child is exposed to parental conflict for a very long period of time it could be emotionally damaging. The sooner a divorcing couple agrees on child custody, the better it is for the child.

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