Domestic violence victims are not alone


Almost every relationship has its difficulties. Most of the time those complications are overcome, and the couple can move on. In other instances, though, arguments become heated and lead to physical violence. 

Those who are subjected to abuse may find it hard to get out of their relationship, due to fear or general uncertainty for the future. In either case, it can be easy for these victims to feel as though they are isolated, facing these hard times on their own.

The truth of the matter is much different. About 25 percent of women in America will be subjected to severe physical violence by their partner at some point in their lives. Studies have also shown that a Virginian is killed every five days due to domestic violence. The CDC also found that in one year approximately two million injuries were caused to women as a result of domestic abuse.

So, if domestic violence victims are not alone, what does that mean for them? It means the state has recognized domestic abuse as a problem and has implemented measures that help provide protection for victims. For example, those who are abused can take legal action to try to obtain a protective order. If granted, this order will disallow the abuser from making contact with the victim. A violation of the order can lead to severe consequences.

Even with legal avenues available to domestic violence victims, speaking up for one's self in these instances can be scary and tough. By acquiring the assistance of an attorney, these individuals can get the loud voice they need and deserve. Those abused by their partner may want to consider contacting a legal professional willing to discuss with them what can be done to ensure not only their protection, but the protection of their children.

Source: Empower House Virginia, "Domestic Violence Statistics," accessed on Nov. 22, 2015

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