Dispute in hedge fund billionaire's high asset divorce continues


Many Virginia couples would probably agree that marriage may take a turn for the worse and ultimately end up in divorce. Filing for divorce is an emotionally charged decision that often comes with significant financial implications. In a divorce, a person may be concerned about distributing assets. For couples with assets of high value, the predicament is even more serious.

For example, well-known billionaire Ken Griffin has now locked horns with his wife, whom he has divorced after they spent 11 years together. According to the documents put forward by the billionaire, he has already paid $37 million to his ex-wife as part of a prenuptial agreement. He has also handed over 50 percent of his $11 million home. This has made her financially secure, says the billionaire.

On the other hand, the wife conceded she would get only 1 percent of the billionaire's net worth of $5.5 billion. This should be considered null and void, as she signed the prenuptial agreement under a lot of stress. The couple had been living separately for some time. The billionaire had shown her a draft of the prenuptial agreement before marriage. At that time, the net worth was more than $1 billion. The ex-spouse said that he resorted to pressure tactics to make her sign the agreement.

The billionaire has denied all the allegations. According to the legal papers filed in December of 2005, his former spouse had accepted $20 million as an advance payment on the $22.5 million. He says he has also paid her another $5 million. The billionaire is also engaged in a custody battle with her over the custody of his three children.

Source: Forbes, "Billionaire Ken Griffin Claims He Already Paid His Wife Tens of Millions In Divorce Case," Nathan Vardi, Oct. 2, 2014

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