Cuba Gooding Jr. to tackle distributing assets during divorce


The more a person owns, the more he or she may lose during a divorce proceeding in Virginia. This is why people with high-value property and items may feel restless when divorce disputes remain unresolved in the area of distributing assets. In one recent case, well-known movie star Cuba Gooding Jr. is getting divorced from his wife of 20 years.

Gooding Jr. will likely take a big financial hit in the dissolution of his marriage with Sara Kapfer. Kapfer initiated the divorce in late April after spending two decades in a marriage with Gooding Jr. The two have three children. Kapfer said the pair had differences that they both couldn't reconcile.

Kaper has requested joint custody of their three kids who are ages 8, 17 and 19. Gooding Jr., who is 46 years old, met Kapfer when they were in high school; the two got married in the mid-1990s. Gooding Jr., who starred in the famous movie "Jerry Maguire" and is an Oscar winner, in the past had expressed his love for Kapfer. In fact, he praised her not long ago during his appearance on "The View" in the summer of 2013. There, he mentioned how good she was at maintaining a home when he was not around and also explained how great their three kids are.

A divorce can happen no matter how long a couple has been married. Especially after many years, the couple likely has amassed much more property and many more assets than they had at the start of their marriage. In this situation, deciding who gets to keep what when distributing assets can be tricky. If the two are unable to come to an agreement, the decision will be made for them by a judge in Virginia. In any event, both people can strive to resolve their issues to the advantage of both parties involved in the divorce proceeding.

Source: Us Weekly, "Cuba Gooding Jr. Divorce: Wife Sara Kapfer Files After 20 Years", Madeline Boardman, April 23, 2014

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