Committed attorneys can help get child support in Virginia


Most Virginians understand that child support is critical for children whose parents have separated and divorced. Most people also understand that having a child means being responsible for his or her welfare. This is why a parent's failure to pay court-ordered child support can be so harmful.

For our law firm, Christian Curtis LLC, the welfare of a child matters most following a couple's divorce. We firmly believe that personal differences between former spouses should never be a reason for the noncustodial parent to withhold child support paymentsfrom the other parent.

Children have the right to be supported by both parents in the best possible manner so that they are able to take care of themselves later in life. We work hard to ensure that court-ordered child support is paid promptly so that children's lives settle into a routine that is not hampered by financial problems that typically follow nonpayment of support.

Our firm's area of practice is family law issues, and we do not deal with other types of cases. Although a child support case or family law case can be emotionally exhausting, we are extremely satisfied when we are able to help parties move on with their own lives. Our firm understands that every case is unique and needs its own approach because we believe no two individuals are alike.

We support and encourage two divorced spouses to choose and maintain a healthy relationship for the benefit of their children. To this end, we have helped many clients resolve various conflicts left from divorce, saving them thousands of dollars in the process. We also believe in maintaining transparent relationships with our clients, whether it is about fees, case proceedings or where our clients stand in a case and what the best available options are for them.

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