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Sometimes it seems that the dire and stressful situation often caused by the divorce process has gone with the wind. Filing for divorce in Virginia has changed over the years and today's couples, who realize that their marriage is not working and should be ended for the greater good, are adopting a less-stressed way to divorce.

Once a couple mutually decides to divorce, they want to enter this new phase of life as soon as possible. So, a clever company opened a business called the "DivorceHotel," which helps high-asset couples divorce within a period of seven days. Couples check into a full-service hotel and access the hotel's legal and financial services in between massages and spa treatments. Couples are even served cocktails during sessions with financial advisors and legal mediators.

One of the most contentious issues in high-profile and high asset divorce cases is property division. The process of calculation and distribution of assets can be quite challenging. Evaluating property and business assets, joint liabilities, insurance, debts and so on can drag on so high-profile couples are usually seeking quick and legal ways to end their marriages.

Mediators or divorce attorneys can help expedite divorce proceedings while making sure all loose ends are properly tied. If couples provide detailed information about their marital property, business assets and offshore accounts at the outset, an equitable and quick division can be ensured. If full disclosure can be achieved, unexpected surprises and complications that tend to delay proceedings will be avoided.

Divorcing couples should understand that going on a trip is not necessary to complete the divorce process successfully. An attorney with extensive experience in divorce law can carry out a careful asset valuation and ensure that couples experience few, if any, hassles. While the general perceptions of divorce are changing with time, the actual divorce process is advancing as well. All couples need is consultation with a professional mediator to talk about the specifics of a case and they will be ready to begin the rest of their lives separately.

Source:, "A luxurious 'final fling' at DivorceHotel," Anita Balakrishnan, Feb. 11, 2015

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