Charlie Sheen makes child support payments to 2 women


No matter what economic level a person is considered to be at, losing money in the form of child support can be financially challenging. Likewise, the person who is owed child support payments but never sees them may feel overburdened, as he or she has to take care of the kids without the help of the other parent in Virginia. Finding middle ground can be hard when both parents can't agree on the matter; this is why a judge in Virginia may have to get involved -- to make sure that the child's needs ultimately are upheld as the main priority in the situation.

There are new developments in the child support situation involving "Anger Management" star Charlie Sheen. We reported on Oct. 3, 2013 ("Sheen's Approach to Child Support Payments Could Prove Valuable") that Sheen was able to trim his $55,000 monthly child support payments to $25,000; this occurred because Brooke Mueller lost custody of their two sons while being put on a psychiatric hold as a result of drug use. Now, he has agreed to resume his $55,000 payments since she got custody of the boys again.

The fact that Mueller has enabled him to spend time with their boys may have contributed to his voluntary decision to boost her child support payment amount. Sheen, however, is involved in yet another child support situation that doesn't appear to be quite as amicable. This one involves his ex-wife, Denise Richards, for whom he has had to pay $55,000 a month. In this case, he plans to request that this payment be cut since he hasn't even been given the chance to see the two daughters he shares with Richards.

Child support is a complex matter during a divorce proceeding in Virginia. Several factors have to be reviewed before a judge comes to a final decision that affects both parents as well as the children involved in the situation. It is important that both parents understand their rights as far as child support payments are concerned, which can help each parent to secure the most favorable outcome possible for him or her.

Source:, Charlie Sheen Paying Brooke Mueller $55k In Child Support, Jen Heger, March 14, 2014

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