Best interests of the child remain chief focus during divorce


During a divorce in Virginia, it's easy to become so entangled in talks of property division and the splitting of assets that one doesn't give the children the attention they need. It's important that the children of divorce receive adequate support not only at home but also at school. A few tips can help divorcing parents to guide their children's education effectively during and after divorce, concentrating on what's in the best interests of the child overall.

It's wise to share as much information as possible with the teachers regarding the child's circumstances. For instance, it helps to offer information about who has custody of the child and whether or not the child will be traveling between both parents' homes. This is important because important supplies such as computers, books and homework might not be available at both homes.

It's also important for the teacher to know whether or not it's okay for the other parent to get the child from school. Furthermore, the teacher may benefit from knowing whether or not the child is showing signs of insecurity or distress as a result of the divorce. Counseling might help the child to make a smooth transition to life following divorce.

When going through a divorce, it helps if the two parents can try to agree on their own parenting plan through the mediation process, focusing on the best interests of the child. This prevents them from having to take their child custody matter to court. The more amicable the two parents are, the easier it will be for the child to adjust to the daily changes that divorce brings in Virginia.

Source:, "Sending kids of divorce back to school", Gail Saukas, Aug. 31, 2014

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