Best interests of the child important during Virginia divorce


Although divorce can cause anxiety for two adults, it can especially be nerve-racking for the children of those parents. The children may naturally blame themselves for their parents' split and may feel powerless in their efforts to reclaim a normal family life. However, children may also be relieved to discover that their parents are divorcing if they are tired of hearing their parents' constant fighting. In many situations in Virginia, divorce may actually be the most responsible solution for parents who wish to do right by their kids and focus on thebest interests of the child.

Research shows that children generally recover well following the dissolution of their parents' marriage. In addition, many children feel that the drama of their parents' fighting actually causes more stress than the divorce itself. Even if the parents had decided to "stick it out" for the sake of the kids, the kids eventually would have figured out that their parents' marriage was not healthy.

When parents are dissatisfied with their marriage, they also have a tendency to take their frustrations out on the kids. This creates a hostile home environment that can damage the children emotionally. A divorce can prevent these issues, with kids often adapting to divorce more easily than their parents anticipated.

Although parents with irreconcilable differences may think that staying married is best for their kids, the opposite may be true. Sometimes divorce creates a more amicable home situation for the children, thus helping them to avoid the baggage of a stressful home life. A court in Virginia will decide who will receive custody of the children based on several factors, including the wishes of both parents and those of the kids. Each parent can rightfully pursue an outcome that is favorable to him or her while primarily considering the best interests of the child.

Source: The Huffington Post, 5 Reasons Kids From Unhappy Homes Say It's Better To Divorce Than Stay Married, No author, Jan. 27, 2014

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