Asset, property division in Virginia can be complex


Just as marriage can be a life-defining moment for a person, divorce can have a life-altering impact on an individual, too. However, marriage typically is a good experience, while dissolving a marriage usually leaves emotional and financial scars that can be difficult to overcome, especially when the couple can't agree about asset or property division. A few tips may help a person to make the most of a divorce in Virginia.

First, it is wise to make copies of the married couple's financial documents in case the other party tries to destroy any documents regarding debts or assets. In addition, it is helpful to stay abreast of laws regarding the distribution of property so that one knows how to demand his or her fair share in our state. Some people don't understand how to read financial statements and not being able to do so can cause the individual to lose out on what is rightfully his or hers.

Furthermore, it helps to get support from family, friends and others. Emotional help can enable a person to deal with the loneliness or resentment often resulting from a divorce. Divorcees also can be reminded that sometimes divorce is necessary in order for both parties to be happy going forward.

After filing for a divorce in Virginia, individuals may feel overwhelmed due to having to balance their emotions with the complexities of splitting up shared assets and property division. If issues such as alimony have to be addressed, this may cause further anxiety. Negotiating is possible in some cases, but in other cases, a solution can be reached only with the help of a judge. In either case, both individuals can fight for their rights and interests in an effort to secure the most financially promising future possible, considering the circumstances.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "How to have a 'good' divorce", Alyson Ward, May 13, 2014

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