Devoted exclusively to family law.
There is great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped family members through crises and set them on courses for brighter futures.
Christian Curtis

Christian Curtis

As an attorney with significant life experience, both personal and professional, I am passionate about family law and cannot imagine practicing in any other area of the law.


George Mason University School of Law

Bar Admissions

Virginia, 1994


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Why Family Law?

I find domestic relations to be very complex and interesting, not only legally and technically, but in terms of emotional and psychological aspects that must be understood and harnessed. I have a personal detail to confess: I went through divorce myself. I have endured the loss of both my parents and suffered what are probably typical life traumas in my time, but nothing was more upsetting, more disorienting, more gut-wrenching or more heart-breaking than my divorce. Yet, ironically, it inspired me to become a family law attorney, and I believe I am a better lawyer because of that experience. I have been known to say, only half-jokingly, that no lawyer should handle a divorce until they’ve been through one.

My Background and Qualifications

I am a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Williams College, attained my law degree at the George Mason University School of Law, and am a member of several bar associations. In addition to English, I fluently speak Spanish and Portuguese. My father was a Foreign Service officer, and I feel blessed to have been exposed to so many different cultures around the world while growing up. I also am proud to be an award-winning editorial cartoonist for a chain of community newspapers in Maryland, a talent inherited from my mother. I also am a musician, a gift from my father.

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