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Christian Curtis


There is great satisfaction in knowing that I have helped family members resolve excruciating crises and set them on courses for brighter futures.

I know the anguish most of you feel for having to visit this site in the first place. You may well be experiencing one of the darkest hours of your life. If you're prepared to do something about it, I can help solve your problem.

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Helping people through trying times

For more than 20 years, I have resolved divorce, custody, domestic abuse, support and property disputes, and child abductions for thousands of individuals.  In 2003, after 10 years with other firms and businesses, I opened the doors of my own practice to assist residents of Alexandria, Fairfax County, and throughout Northern Virginia.

Whether you're separating from your spouse, your child has been taken out of state (or country) by the other parent, your child is being alienated from you by that parent, you or a child are the victim of abuse, or––as unfortunately happens too frequently––you have been falsely accused of abuse and need to defend against a protective order, I have the experience and commitment you need.

The advantage of a solo attorney

As a sole practitioner, I value the freedom I have to run my practice and serve my clients the way I believe it should be done. I am honored by the trust my clients place in me. They share details of their personal lives that they have never talked about with anyone else. It is my highest personal duty to repay their trust with discretion, conviction, and effort. My clients expect me to listen in absolute confidence, protect their interests and resolve a variety of family law problems.  I don't hand their cases off to partners or associates.

A history of success

Over the years, I've won many cases. For every abduction case brought to my desk, for example, I have never failed to locate the child, and in all but two of them––one because the client did not take my advice, the other still in progress––I have always retrieved the child, whether from Egypt, Sweden, Pakistan, Iceland (which culminated in a high-speed chase) , or from multiple states here in the U.S.  I have also prevented abductions to Brazil, Mexico, France, and Bolivia. 

I create relationships with key resources in Alexandria, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and across the nation to help my clients.  In alienation cases, I work with nationally known forensic psychologists to testify about the harm alienation causes children.

Fighting for the best solution for my clients

Cases are as different from each other as fingerprints.  And in family law there is usually no "winner" the way there is in a sporting contest.  In  a dispute over marital property, for instance, no one gets 100% of what they want; the marital estate is distributed.  In most custody cases, the law is frankly disinterested in what suits either parent; the best interest of a child always trumps.  And herein lies a poignant dilemma.

The parent who cares less about "defeating" the other parent, who focuses less on "my" rights and more on the child's, and who is more willing to make sacrifices tends to fare far better.  This is free advice, and in my opinion it is near priceless.  Heed it.

But if you are the victim of abuse or threatened by a stalker, then yes, you must win.  If you are being falsely accused of abuse by someone gaming the system and face a protective order that could ruin your career, yes, you must win.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone to help you hide money from your soon-to-be-ex-spouse during a divorce, you’ve come to the wrong attorney. 

In any event, if you are facing a family crisis, it is critical you seek qualified legal counsel to effectively and efficiently guide you through this incredibly complex area of law.

Family law issues are usually emotionally charged and turbulent.

Unless both parties cooperate to resolve their dispute out of court, family matters can be traumatic and expensive.

Family Law Attorney in Alexandria, VA

I cater exclusively to clients with family law-related issues. This includes anything from determining the best way to separate from your spouse to bringing back your children if the other parent has wrongfully taken them across state or international lines.

If you’re looking for an attorney in Alexandria to help with your divorce, child custody, or parental alienation issues, it is in your best interest to work with a lawyer who focuses all of their time on these matters. I find cases revolving around family law challenging and am truly passionate about working with my clients during this emotionally driven time in their lives.

Let Christian Curtis, LLC help guide your divorce or child custody case.

The expertise gained by working on a single area of the law is invaluable to your case. I’m able to handle my clients’ situations with competence and efficiency earned from more than 20 years of practice.

I am flattered to say that a large portion of my clients come to me as referrals from past clients.  I've even had opposing attorneys from past cases recommend me, and I once had an opposing party refer a family member to me.

Serving Alexandria, VA & Fairfax County

My firm is located on Eisenhower Avenue, with convenient access to I-495. We serve the northern Virginia communities in Fairfax County, including Huntington, Rose Hill, Groveton, Tysons, Centreville, Springfield and more. To schedule a time to discuss your case with me, call or contact me by e-mail today.

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These results, however similar the facts may be to your legal issue, do not in any way guarantee the same outcome for your case.

I help save families. Reach out now for help.

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